I find it highly interesting that there is a sudden and outspread cry of ‘hey, maybe we could make a lot of money off of this.’  I’m not morally opposed to that argument, having said it myself for years and years- it would be a bandaid, but it might get us past the worst of the recession.

But it is interesting that those morals that so many people have been clinging to have slid the way of the dodo under the rallying cry of ‘tax money’.

Let’s be clear- especially in the case of marijuana, which I think has the best chance of being decriminalized first- if you’re a grown adult fully capable of making decisions you have the right to make informed and stupid decisions as long as they cause no actual harm to others.  The government regulates things like driving a vehicle, drinking, bungee jumping, hell you have to sign a release to ride a mechanical bull.

In bungee jumping and other sports like that, if you work under a trainer or a company of any kind, you generally sign a ‘I agree that I’m being a big idiot and might get hurt, and if that happens it’s my fault’ to release the company.  When you get a license you have to take a test.  There are age limits to drinking, as well as other rules.  If you go into a liquor store dead drunk, they can’t sell you anything.

Even prescription drugs- I have a perfectly legitimate and legal prescription for Lortab- I didn’t really need it when it was prescribed to me, but it is my drug prescribed in my name and it is not expired.  It says on the bottle ‘don’t operate heavy machinery’- if I drove it would be under the influence.

I guess there are a lot of people that think that if it’s legalized, there will be a rash of new users.  If the only thing that is preventing you from doing something illegal is the law, then you’re not very moral, are you?