I have a love/hate relationship with OU games.  Well, more like tolerate/hate.  I can make decent money but on the other hand they SUCK BALLS.  Pedestrains just wander in the street, oblivious to any traffic or, you know, anything at all.  A lot of the drivers act like they’ve never seen the fucking road before.  There are plenty of streets that magically become ‘only one car can fit and fuck you’ streets.  Did I mention other drivers act like they suddenly appeared behind the will, as if by divine act, without the actual ability to drive?

There’s a lot of prep to be done- we spend most of our day making dough.  If any onions have to be done, I spend the day miserable due to a mild onion allergy that isn’t bad enough to let me off but is awful enough to cause pain and temporary blindness due to my eyes swelling.

There are situations in which I can stand cooked onions, but as far as I’m concerned if I never have to touch another raw onion for the rest of my life, I’ll be happy.

The problem is that we often have a lot more people so we end up doing a whole lot of extra work for the same, or sometimes less, money as a normal day shift.  so I really could do without them, but on the other hand, the night crew makes an assload of money.  I kind of miss being on the night crew, but I like all of th epeople I work with during the day.  It’s nice to know that I can get along with everyone, and I do know their honest opinions of me.  It’s not entirely flattering, but I like knowing for sure if someone likes me, if they think I’m slow, what have you.  (For the record, general opinion holds that I’m slower than most of the good day-shifters, but I’m steady, don’t have to be told what to do, I’m generally on time and I normally don’t whine without reason so I fit into the ‘good’ category.)

It’s just kind of frustrating, I think, because I used to work evening shifts and I always made more money, but I really am not quite fast enough to be on the night crew.  It gets way busier after dark, and I understand they need people who are willing to break land-speed records to get pizza there and back.  I try to go only five miles an hour or so above the speed limit (actually, I’m painfully rule-adherent whilst I deliver.  This is probably my greatest weakness.)

‘Tomorrow is liable to be madness in a bag.  I’ll try to keep my twitter updated with acerbic comments, but I guarantee nothing.  Depends on how long tomorrow stretches, and how sadistic the night manager decides to be.