That could have been much crazier.  It started to rain about half-way through the day, and for some reason when water falls out of the sky it makes people desire pizza.

So I’m home this evening, considering the money I made and vaguely watching a Vincent Price movie.  (Theater of Blood.  I’m a fan of ‘inventive ways of killing people’ movies that star my favorite tall guy.)  I made decent money for a day like today, not fabulous money, but decent money.

I also have a terrible headache, my teeth are causing me problem due to sinus pressure.  It’s frustrating because there’s just not much I can do.  I just gotta hurt, and I sorta want to run headfirst into a wall over the whole thing.

I’ve also been having weird- I don’t know that I’d call them nightmares, they’re more like daydreams.  But they’re not voluntary.  Day-nightmares?  Daymares?  Possible hallucinations brought on by stress?  Anyway, I kept having these flashes of someone showing up at my work and shooting me.  I don’t know why, and they were quite involuntary.  If I daydream, I prefer for it to be about…. oh, anything besides that.

I didn’t think they were real, so they likely weren’t hallucinations.  Waking nightmares is the best way to put them, I suppose.  I dunno, but I find them exceedingly odd.