Twitter had a #whatnottowear thing going last night, and I contributed.  Here’s my little contribution, and an expansion:

#whatnottowear if it doesn’t fit, doesn’t feel right on you, you don’t feel good in it, you don’t like it, don’t wear it.

Don’t wear something because it’s trendy if you don’t feel good in it.  Don’t wear something because it’s supposed to be slimming- good god no.

Whenever you go clothes-shopping, do not compromise.  Don’t get something just because it fits- if you put it on and it fits great and you love it, that’s fine.  But don’t buy it just because it has the ability to wrap around your ass- especially if it’s a big ass.  Trust me, I’m an expert on big asses.  I bought jeans that fit me but I didn’t like, and I only wore them when everything else was dirty.  Not only is it awful to wear something you don’t like, it’s a waste of fucking money.

I’m going to repeat this- do not compromise.  If tights under skirts go out of style, but you like wearing it, keep wearing it.  I think I will- tights help with the chub chafing, and the right (nuclear powered) kind can even smooth the lumps out a bit.  Really flared jeans haven’t been in style for a while- boot cut are still okay, but we really have gone back to skinny jeans.  I don’t like skinny jeans, I don’t feel good in them, so I don’t fuckin wear them.  (There are girls who look great in them and to this I say: rock it!)  I do feel good in flared jeans- I just made my first pair since I graduated, and man did I feel awesome wearing those bad boys around.  I’ve got four more pairs of jeans to do that way, and I’m just trying to decide what fabric to use.

And if you don’t feel awesome and sexy, at least feel warm and comfy.  If you wear your jammies to the store, I won’t tell.  You should see mine.