This really just bums me out.

A woman who was looking forward to her wedding went on a crash diet, lost approximately 48 pounds, and died before her wedding.  The diet consisted of 530 calories a day.  She saw her doctor twice while she was trying to starve herself into a smaller wedding dress.  The cause of death was unclear, although cardiac arrhythmia is likely.

But this made me mad:

A LighterLife spokesman said although Miss Clowe’s BMI had reduced from 37 to 32 when she died, she was ‘still clinically obese’ and ‘her health may have already been compromised.’

He added:’We were very sad to hear the news about Samantha. The coroner said Samantha was clinically obese which increased the risk of cardiac death.

‘It had been suggested that there was a possible link to the diet but the coroner said it was very difficult to make such a connection.’

Let me put it the way I heard it: well, it’s sad she died but she started out fat.  Sure it’s not the fat that did it?  I mean, yeah, we’ve had deaths associated with our diet before and sure, she’d seen a doctor twice and yeah, she was sort of starving herself to death, but her BMI was 32!

So, uh, gonna go eat something before I rage too much.  My thoughts are with her family and the man she was going to marry- this can’t be easy for them.