I know there’s probably someone every year who goes ‘yeah nerds are having a great year’ but I just got to thinking about it and this really HAS to be the Year of the Geek

Point 1: Dr. Horrible won an Emmy.  (I think technically Joss Whedon won for Dr. Horrible, but it’s still awesome that an online-only show won an Emmy.)

Point 2: The Guild was picked up by Microsoft and is in the XBOX.  Plus the video Date My Avatar rocked everyone’s socks.

Point 3: Wil Wheaton has been in damn near every show recently, I know he was in a Leverage and recently starred in Big Bang Theory and…

Point 4:  Tauntaun sleeping bag (with light-saber zipper pull) Need I say more?

I’m trying to do short posts to distract me from the agony that is my jaw right now. Forgive me if I come off loopy, I’m on some pretty heavy pain meds (that aren’t helping much).