Holy fucking shit.  I mean, holy SHIT guys that was an intense storm.  I know there are probably people from further north who are laughing at us, but it was pretty fucking serious yesterday.  I can’t remember ever being warned about FROSTBITE before.  They were saying ten minutes outside was frostbite weather.

I can say that it was pretty scary to drive in that.  I managed to get my car stuck twice, and the second time I had to abandon it (we dug it out this morning and it is currently in my driveway, no worries).  They say only one died, but the article I found mentions that three other people died in a car accident that is somehow NOT being counted.  So make that four total deaths.

I came very close to frostbite, because I had no weather-worthy shoes.  I do now, part of my Christmas was shoes that could withstand, you know, normal use.  So there’s that.  Also, I am getting the money I will need to by a pair of wellingtons.  I need some solid boots of some kind or another- it’s going to be tricky because I have large calves, but surely I can find something that’ll fit.

It looks like the worst is past now, and that things are going back to something resembling normalcy now.  Hopefully this is the case.