So I also wanted to talk about one of the coolest things about the blizzard, and I decided to wait until after Christmas to do it. Because that’s how I roll.  (Okay, it occurred to me in the shower this morning.)

People were AWESOME on Christmas Eve, guys. I got stuck twice, and both times I had perfect strangers come up and help me.  The second time I had a guy in a truck who was gonna try to tow me out (he couldn’t find anything to tie on to).  My work buddies also almost one and all came out and tried to help me move my car- my boss and the cook walked a block in BLIZZARD CONDITIONS to help me, guys.

But that was all day- I saw cars stuck and I saw four other cars stop and people pile out to help push them back out again.

My boyfriend works at a convenience store (rhymes with Schmeven Beleven, but it’s some weird Twilight Zone version WITHOUT SLURPEES Y’ALL) and he said there were guys with big 4 wheel drive vehicles who were helping drag the high-centered cars out of snow drifts.  I watched a live blog of people trying to give some good information on who was stuck where, and they were trying to organize a party to take gas and food and water to people who’d been stuck on the highway for 10 hours.  People offering up their homes and food on Christmas eve to give people a warm place to rest at night, while they waited things out.

It was a miserable day, guys.  I can’t tell you how awful it was, and I wasn’t prepared clothing-wise.  My shoes were sodden by the end of the day, providing NO waterproofing whatsoever.  The wind in the morning drove the sleet into your skin like stinging needles, and I’m not kidding.  I’m going to get something for my awesome postal worker who managed to deliver my mail (come rain, sleet or snow- fuck that noise).  The visibility was nil, and it was worse because my glasses kept icing over. I doubly couldn’t see shit.

But it also proved that, in a pinch, people are AWESOME.  You can be cynical all you like, and it’s likely that I would have disagreed with half of the people’s politics or religious views (hell, more than half) and that we probably would have nothing in common if we met normally.  But when you’re being warned that ten minutes outside is frostbite weather, and you still have people going out to help (just to help) it’s a good reminder to have.

If you’re reading this, and you helped push my car out (fucking unlikely) I know I said it at the time, I’ll say it again: Thank you.  You made my Christmas brighter.