I’m going to do a brief segue away from The Spoony One because of the Uwe Boll Q and A, about which I have a bit of anger to vent.  (I can’t remember if I swear a lot, but I do a bit in this post- consider yourself warned.)

Greg and I went to the Uwe Boll Q and A because we get a kick out of hearing this guy talk about his movies.  He clearly thinks that he’s one of the best in the business, and while I actually won’t argue that he’s the worst, he’s made some pretty awful films.  I have heard that his films are improving in quality, but I haven’t seen any of his more recent work.

The crowd was only allowed to ask 10 questions- we couldn’t get Mr. Boll on Skype, so they had to call him on a landline, and he’d taken time out of directing a film just to talk to us video game nerds, but we only had so long.  They took 10 people for questions, and got everyone lined up while they called the infamous director.

The first 9 questions were really great, they got Boll talking about film and he had some pretty hilarious things to say as well as some fairly interesting and intelligent things to say (I think he was actually right about some of the things he said about American film audiences, for example).  All in all it was interesting and entertaining.

Then the last guy asked his question, which was (and I’m paraphrasing here): Do you think that your horrible, horrible video game movies have made Hollywood not take video game movies seriously?

He basically was asking Boll how he felt about ruining video game movies.  Which was fucking rude.

I realize that Boll is a pretty disliked industry figure, but the man took time out of his busy schedule to answer the questions a bunch of nerds had.  He was kind enough to persist on the phone call even though there were definite audio problems.  He answered each question very thoroughly, and often gave a lot more than asked for (which I think was part of why we were so limited in the number of questions).

And here is a question specifically designed to piss the man off.  If I thought, for one second, this guy was asking a question he really wanted the answer to, I would not have been so irritated.  He didn’t ask a somewhat offensive question but was really curious about the answer, he asked the question so he could get Mr. Boll upset.

There are ways to phrase this question without being an asshole.  And I think if you could ask him a question like this without being a dick, he might have an interesting answer.  But I don’t think it’s fair to ask him to give us time out of his day and then be fucking rude to him, I don’t care who he is to the game community.