Greg and I went to SGC over the holiday weekend and had a lot of fun.

We signed up for this convention specifically because Spoony said he’d be there.  We aren’t into any of the Screw Attack crew- we want to get into the AVGN and others- but I just want to be clear that we were there for Spoony, so a lot of the other stuff was pretty lost on us.

We left Friday late in the morning and got into the hotel around four (there was bad traffic and we stopped to eat, so we made pretty good time).  We were in the hotel across the street, so we walked across (my carrying my shoes and an umbrella- my sandals because I couldn’t walk in them when they were wet, an umbrella because my whole body would have been pink otherwise).

When we got our badges, we wandered around for a while.  There was shouting coming from a side room, and we wandered in to see what the hell it was all about.  Shouts along the lines of “JUMP” “GO LEFT” and “SPIN DASH”.

People playing Sonic without looking.  We found out it was called Blindfolded Sonic but that’s a misnomer- they were just facing the other direction.  It was a lot more fun than it seemed at first, you sit down and all of a sudden you’re shouting with everyone else.  I think it would make a great party game if you had a good handful of likewise inclined friends.  (I intend to try this, one day.)

people lined up to play

As we’re sitting there trying to be useful and generally enjoying ourselves, The Spoony One walks in.

I’m still trying to reconcile this in my head.  Seeing someone in person when you’ve only ever seen them through film, there was a really weird moment of cognitive dissonance.  I suppose it doesn’t help when you’ve followed this person for years online- you get used to this idea of them in your head, and when you see them you have to match the reality of this guy with the large nose who’s sitting about 30 feet from you and this similar (but different) person in your head.

Greg wanted to say hi but I kinda wanted to leave him alone, he looked really tired- although that may just have been me projecting.  I sure was tired, it had been something of a long drive.  I tried to forget he was there- he probably had gotten in and had to get up early Friday morning to fly out.  He didn’t want us to bother him.  (Probably would have been better to say hi, in hindsight, but I don’t think I was quite prepared to be honest.)

The next day was the Big Day.  We were going to see the Q and A with Uwe Boll, Spoony’s Q and A, autographs with Spoony, and then the Cosplay Costume Competition (which Spoony was judging).  So we decided to try and make an early night of it and walk back to the hotel.

This was when disaster most foul struck!  It was still pouring, I still had to carry my sandals while walking through the not-quite-so-torrential downpour in the dwindling light.  Greg was in the lead, of course, as he has got a foot of height on me (mostly in the leg) but I was pretty much caught up with him.  I was walking on a pebbly area when something I had thought to be a rock lodge in my foot.  Ow ow ow ow ow ow.

I had to let the thing fall out of my foot, and then stand there a moment breathing.  I tried to take a step.  Waited.  Tried again.  We probably stood for several minutes in the pouring rain while my foot quit screaming long enough for me to be able to walk again.

And I would get to walk on that foot, stand waiting on that foot, all day tomorrow.  Oh boy.