I realize that I’m catching up on an old trend here, but I had never gotten hold of them until last week.  So far there are things I like and things I don’t, but mostly I like so far.

I’ll probably do a break down of what I like more when I re-read the first novel (well later on), but there are some rough points I want to grab.


1. The vampires come off as dangerous.  Even the ‘friendly’ seeming ones are scary.

2. Later in the series, werewolves are ALSO fucking scary.

3. I like the flow of the stories.  I won’t go so far to say that the writing is good, but I think the storytelling is okay, which can make up for bad writing.  It’s written like a cheesy action movie with lots of fight scenes and lots of sex, and that’s the spirit in which I read.

4. I like how Anita (and with her, the author) acknowledges that a 100 lb woman being a blackbelt means that coming up against a 240lb blackbelt will mean she gets her face smashed in.  Too much of tincey women beating out really big clearly well-trained men in modern cinema for me.

5. Contrary to what I expected, even though she loved Richard more and was going to pick him, she had a (perfectly reasonable) wig out after he turned into a wolf RIGHT ON TOP OF HER when she COULDN’T MOVE and then subsequently ATE ANOTHER PERSON. In that book I totally expected (hoped) for a vampire/Anita/werewolf threesome and was disappointed.  I don’t think my disappointment will carry too far into the series but it’s worth something that the obvious choice became less so.

7. There are probably more but I can’t think of any.


1. Clothing descriptions.  I don’t care what she’s wearing.  No, really.  There are very few situations in which clothing is very relevant to the plot, and even then it’s NOT that important.  When we start describing what she wears, I get the feeling that Hamilton is writing with the eventual movie in mind and not with the plot of the book, and it’s really goddamn distracting to say the least.

2. EVERY MAN SHE EVER MEETS EVER IS HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. I realize this is sort of a trope of modern literature, and I understand that as the series wears on her ‘barriers’ or whatever break down and she becomes more willing to fuck everything that moves, but you can’t tell me Jean Claude is the most beautiful man ever and that RICHARD is the most beautiful man ever and that whoever else is the most beautiful man ever.  I can’t keep track of what the characters look like.

3. She talks about whats-her-name, the one female character as her best friend and said friend barely shows up unless Anita’s in jail.

On that note I’ve recently become obsessed with Harry Potter, so watch this space for rambling about the Boy Who Lived.