So we all know that I dye my hair on a somewhat regular basis.  And I get accosted fairly regularly with comments, all the time.  “Oh, I love your hair.”  “I wish I was brave enough to do that.” “What does it take to get your hair that color?” And the like.  It’s not even when my hair is freshly dyed and nice looking.  Even two months old, with long roots showing, I get compliments on it.

I think there are people who are shocked I’m bold enough to strip all the color out of my hair and dye it pink.  What happens if it goes wrong?  What if you need a job and they won’t let you dye your hair that color?  What if you have to go to a formal event?  The answer to the first two: dye.  Dye is easily obtained and a good dark color would look awful on me but it would cover the pink.  The answer to the third: hat.  Hats are formal.

I enjoy my hair being pink.  Even though I never liked pink as a little girl, having pink hair feels ‘natural’ to me now.  Feels like me, is what I mean.  So I will continue to dye it pink until I no longer derive any enjoyment from it, where I will switch to another color.  I work at a place that allows me to dye my hair pink, and I am not likely to leave that job any time soon.

As far as being ‘brave’ about it- hell, it’s only hair.  I know there’s some ‘your hair is your crowning glory’ nonsense that goes on, but the truth is, that shit grows out.  Your hair will, in fact, get longer and you can cut all the rest off and go back to your natural color.  I have cut my hair short (not quite Rosemary’s Baby short, I don’t have the face for that) and I have dyed it many colors, black by far being the worst of them.  It still grows in it’s same profusion, in the same light brown color it has been since I was 12.  Short actually looks pretty cute on me, but I prefer being able to put it up or braid it (I just got it to the length so I can make a decent french braid out of it).  Matter of comfort over fashion, I suppose.

Also, it’s really only brave the first time you take the plunge.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.  Promise.