It is probably too close to seeing the movie to talk about it, but whatever, it’s not like I’m gonna sleep for the next three hours anyway.

What I’m about to write is going to be specific details about the movie, including bits they left out and other things that occurred during the course of the film, and how I feel they did on making the first part of the final bit of the Harry Potter book into a movie.   If you want to be surprised by any of that stuff, don’t read this.  (So I guess this is your spoiler alert, eh?)

I’m going to give my thoughts as I think of them.  Next week, at some point, I’ll watch it again and maybe be able to be a bit more coherent.  But I’m high on Wizard right now, so screw it.

The movie is moody, we see this from the beginning.  We watch as Hermione changes her parent’s memories, and erases her existence from her home.  Her face fading from photographs around the room.  (They may or may not have been given the idea to move to Australia- the movie did a pretty decent job of simply leaving things unsaid but without anything to say it didn’t happen, which means that the readers get what they’re asking for and everyone else doesn’t have to worry with details that would bog down a movie.)

The movie switches between moody, or even scary, and a bit funny.  The scene with all the Harry’s was funny, and the scene following was terrifying.  Harry lets Hedwig fly free, ahead of them, and that’s what alerts the Death Eaters to his presence- she flies at his attackers, protecting him.  She dies, but instead of dying in a cage she dies trying to save Harry’s life.  If Hedwig is his familiar (and she may well have been) it’s a much worthier death.  Sorry if you book sticklers disagree.

George isn’t missing his whole ear, which I didn’t figure would happen- it would be expensive to CGI that in all the time- but his ear was pretty damaged.  Also, I have said this aloud to people who know me, and I say it again: I am so glad they got actual twins to play Fred and George instead of having one actor CGI’d around.  The rest of the time you saw George (and you only saw him once or twice more for the movie- after the wedding we don’t really see the Weasleys again) he had a bandage over the damaged ear.

The first time we saw Dobby, he was accompanying Kreacher in bringing back Mundungus Fletcher.  People actually cheered in the theater.  (It was a great crowd, to be honest.  People gasped and sighed, moaned and laughed and cheered in the right places.)  Dobby and Kreacher start talking over each other, trying to tell Harry Potter what happened with Mundungus.

They go right to the ministry scene where they infiltrate as disguised ministry workers- which was a curious to watch people who were acting like they were acting like they were other people.  The actors in question apparently worked closely with Rupert, Emma and Dan and it was funny to watch them adopt the behaviors of the younger actors.

I’d also like to say that every time Umbridge appeared on screen, I leaned towards one of my friends and went “Fuck Umbridge” and my friend would go “Fuck her, I hate that bitch.”  Especially after she did her trademark little “Teehee!” that would drive me crazy if I actually had to deal with her.

Once again, fuck Umbridge.

When they make it out of the ministry, Ron’s hurt badly- he was splinched, a good way up his right arm, and it looked just awful.  They did a good job on his makeup- he looked washed out and ill after that, like he’d lost quite a bit of blood.

So they have the locket Horcrux now, and I think the Harry Potter guys took a cue from the LotR guys, because the locket had it’s own sound- a kind of chittering, insect noise.  Like a spider, I’m sure, especially considering that the locket affected Ron the most.  Sort of a clicking, chitinous noise.  Sometimes the music would be playing during these scenes and you would realize you can hear this insect-noise, and in fact you’ve been hearing it for a couple of moments.  It made these otherwise somewhat ordinary scenes on these beautiful backdrops somewhat creepy.

The fight between Harry and Ron is pretty much everything you’ve seen in the trailer, if you’ve seen the trailer, but there’s a lot of build up- moments where Ron is watching the two of them and then glowering.

There’s a really great scene where Ron is gone, and Hermione is inside listening to the radio.  Harry goes in, sees her looking down, takes the locket from her puts it on the bed, and dances with her.  Not in a serious way, but they’re obviously just goofing off.  There aren’t any words in this scene- it’s just the two of them being goofy for a minute, and forgetting where they are or how everything has gone so wrong.  The song ends, and so does the moment.

The bit in Godric’s Hollow is almost to the book- there’s no monument (on screen, anyway), and the house remains preserved but there was no plaque- the parts with Bathilda were out and out creepy.  They look up and she’s standing, staring from the end of the graveyard.  She moves a bit like a snake, which you might not notice if you didn’t realize she was supposed to be Nagini but most of us there had read the books and were looking for the signs.  Even so, she was creepy, and the actress did a great job.

And when Ron returns, it’s pretty much as it is in the book.  The scene with the locket was amazing- they did make Hermione look somehow more beautiful and terrible- I think some of that was Miss Watson’s acting, of course, but there were other factors.  And some of you may have heard about the nearly naked passionate make out between Hermione and Harry and, um, wow.  So, if you haven’t heard- it’s um, kinda hot.

It also makes sense- the locket was seeing into his mind, and Ron was worried about Harry and Hermione holding hands, he was worried about them getting down and dirty.  The locket was just projecting Ron’s worst fears about his best friends- the kind of fears you can only have about people you know so well.

What next? Um, Ron goes back to the tent, Hermione fusses… oh they go to see Xenophilius Lovegood.  They don’t get to see Luna’s room, or her portraits of her friends on her walls, but they do get the story from Lovegood, and he snaps at them when they try to leave and he says Voldemort’s name to bring death eaters to attack them.

They escape and immediately run into snatchers, who figure out who they might be and take them to the Malfoys.

Lucius, by the way, looks like he hasn’ t slept in about a year and only shaves whenever Narcissa reminds him.  He’s pale (more so than usual) and shaky, and possibly a drunk.   He’s all you need to see to know that the Malfoys fortunes have fallen.

Draco Malfoy is brought out to identify Harry (who’s face has been disfigured by Hermione’s stinging hex) and Draco is clearly reluctant to out his schoolmate.  The game is too deep, and he doesn’t want to play anymore.

Dobby appears, to rescue them from the basement, whilst Hermione is screaming above (on top of using Crucio, it’s clear that Bellatrix is torturing her by cutting her.  We later see that the word ‘mudblood’ has been carved into Hermione’s arm).  He takes Ollivander and Luna and returns for the rest after a short duel between Harry and Ron and the Malfoys, which ends with Harry taking several wands from Draco and Dobby soapboxing just a little to his old masters.

The less I talk about the Dobby scene, the better.  Every time I read the thing that Luna says in the book, I cry- she didn’t say it in the movie, she only tells Harry they should close his eyes; there, now he could be sleeping.  It’s the only thing they left out of the movie that I really missed, so here it is, because if I’m crying then so should everyone else dammit: “Thank you so much, Dobby, for rescuing me from that cellar. It’s so unfair that you had to die, when you were so good and so brave. I’ll always remember what you did for us. I hope you’re happy now.

The movie ends there- we don’t see Bill and Fleur, all we see is Voldemort take the wand from Dumbledore, and shoots lightning into the sky.  That’s the last moment of the movie.

The movie was awesome and I don’t know how to feel about it at the same time.  I’m sad- I’m so sad the world of Harry Potter is coming to a close, that we’ll get one more new glimpse into that world before it all ends.  This is the first half of the last movie, and it makes me want to cry.  I know that I’m not the only one who’s been with these books since they came out, who has followed Harry and watched him grow into a man, and I’m not the only one who loves seeing the things in film that before you only saw in your head.

The movie was great though.  It was pretty loyal to the book- details here and there, but it was mostly the same thing- some of it just as I imagined.  The action was intentionally confusing- people running, and firing curses off, nobody seems to be sure where anybody else is.  Hermione, by the way, throws curses like a BAD ASS.  The action isn’t difficult to follow as it is about experiencing it- you’re looking around trying to make sense of what’s going on, and by the time you’ve got it figured out the battle is over, or something else is happening.  I liked it, but it’ll be off-putting for some people.

I can’t wait for the next half of this movie, because this is very clearly the first half of a much longer film, and I want to be able to sit down and watch the whole thing together.

I can’t wait, but once it comes out- then it’s over.  Nothing more new.

I should go to bed now.