I have a bit of a busy day ahead of me, but I think I have just enough time to put a post together before I have to go.

I have a home, I have a job, and I have a stable life.  I have a boyfriend who is more like a husband (damn the paperwork) and has been with me for really close to 8 years.  I still love him to pieces, and thinking of his smile makes me smile every time.

My cats are pretty good as far as cats go, and Bats is a smart little gal with a lot of personality.  I have a sweet, awesome, hilarious, nervous, neurotic dog who I found on the road a few years ago.  I opened the door to make sure I hadn’t hit him and he jumped into my car and into my life, and I haven’t looked back.

I have a job I’ve held steady for over a year, I’m back in school, I have a car I love (my Mazda is so awesome it rocks your socks off) and few complaints about life. We’re still stretching for money but that will change.

I have a lot of awesome internet friends and I have plenty of awesome real life friends, including my boss from work.

We both have families that care about us and love and support us.

I’m not particularly religious and I’m not the kind who believes in luck, but I do think it’s good to get perspective by making sure you know damn well what’s going right.  The answer to that right now is plenty, and I hope that’s true of everyone who reads this.

Stuff yourselves silly.  ❤