First, a brief announcement.

I think you guys have already noticed, but with the beginning of the school year I won’t be doing quite so many of the bad movie live tweets.  I will try, but they involve scheduling them for when at least some people are online and when I don’t have anything else to do, and I have more coursework this year than I have in past semesters, so I generally do have something else to do.

I do still have plans (and plans within plans) for content.  I will continue to watch and review movies, hopefully for the funny but I may find some good ones, I just may end up doing this at 4 am when nobody’s up (so a live tweet is kinda pointless, that’s a group participation thing).  I have a couple of books I want to read and do chapter-by-chapter reviews of, one which seems to be a bad Laurell K. Hamilton knock off.  I would also like to do some ‘TV I like” segments, which considering how much television I don’t watch (turned off my cable a while back) will consist of mostly older stuff.  And heavily influenced by Joss Whedon.

Speaking of Joss Whedon, I wanted to give a brief summation of my feelings on the Buffy Remake.

When I first heard about this I thought: oh, they’re remaking the original Buffy movie, with Buffy in LA and her fighting the big bad and her original watcher getting killed and all that.  Maybe they can make it awesome.  And in my head it would make sense to not have Joss or any of the original cast for this movie, because Joss walked off the set and while Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy, there’s no way a 34-year-old woman should be playing a teenager.  That’s taking Dawson casting a wee bit too far.  So I sort-of had this ‘don’t care’ attitude.

However, from what I understand, they’re saying it won’t be a remake, that they’re taking out the high school stuff entirely.  So…. what’s the point, then?  I mean, snubbing the creator aside, the whole point of the series is that Buffy is a superhero by night and by day is a regular teenager with regular problems.  And as she grows the series grows with her, through college and into being a college drop-out who has to make ends meet somehow, working at fast-food joints to keep the electricity on and the like.  The heart and soul of the series is not that she’s a ‘sexy bad-ass’ but that she kicks ass and then has to study for Algebra, or go home for dinner, or go to work.

So they’re going to do a movie ‘remake’ but what they’re really trying to do is reboot a recent franchise that still going (classy move, btw) by taking away the part that made it good?

Fuck knuckles.