So, I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, and I recently read the latest installment of Cryoburn, which is the latest installment of Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan tales.

This isn’t a review.  Anything I reveal about Cryoburn might destroy something about one of the previous Miles books, and I urge you to go out and read all of them.  I have not yet read any of her books that don’t have to do with Miles or some part of his family, mostly because I’ve been so obsessed with his story that I haven’t stopped to read her other books.  Have no doubt that I will.

Miles is funny, a little scary, and completely unstoppable.

Miles is the son of a Count who was born with deformities due to a gas attack on his pregnant mother.  He is short, ugly, and very fragile (physically speaking) in the beginning.  He’s smart, but mostly he’s tenacious and has the gift of gab.

The cast of characters he runs with is long, considering the books cover quite a wide array of his life.  He is many things- a spy, a Lord, a member of the military, a faithful and loving son.  If you told me I could pick any character in fiction and make that character real it would be a tough call to choose between Miles Vorkosigan and the Doctor.

Some of the stories are weaker than the others, but Bujold has the power to make me laugh, by frightened for a character, and then weep copiously in the same story.   She’s an excellent writer and her characters and worlds are real and vivid.

Try this author, she may not be to everyone’s taste but I love her to death and I think she’s amazing.