Okay, so, Greg and I went to watch Thor last night.  I do want to talk about the plot in some finer detail, but I need to do some research on the comic book backdrop a little more (probably pick up some comics) and that post will be spoileriffic.  I will try to avoid all but the mildest of spoilers here.

So, without getting into too much detail: Thor is kicked out of Asgard for being too haughty by Odin.  Thor must learn humility in order to be restored to his rightful place and regain his powers.

Here’s my opinion- keep in mind I have not read the comics.  I like this movie, it’s predictable but fun.  It has the feel that first novels do sometimes, of hurrying to establish everything so we can get to the Real Story, and the movie ended with the text “Thor will appear again in The Avengers”.  The Avengers set up to the storyline felt a lot more natural than it did in Iron Man 2, and instead of trying to explain everything the movie just left some questions unanswered, which I liked.

I thought Asgard was lovely, and I loved the way the Bifrost was represented.  The movie ends in a satisfactory way, in my opinion, with all the ends nicely tied up and plenty of room for the TO BE CONTINUED that was implied by the end text.

One of the only real problems I had with this movie was that when Thor would fly, the way he was swinging Mjolnir looked impossible.   (Yes, I know, this magic hammer would travel like a jillion miles and hit everything in it’s path, but even so it acts as a hammer.)  Like Mjolnir was made of rubber or something, it seemed to take on a different shape.  I don’t know if this is just what happens and is established in the comic, or if it’s a result of CGI poorly done, but it was the only thing that made me step back and go “Really, movie?”   If the head like slides out on a string and it becomes something shaped like that and they just didn’t explain it in the movie, I guess that’s okay, but it was really distracting.

About the hiatus: I will be writing more on this and my makeup blog, No Makeup on Mars, and hopefully sometime soon I will pick up on my external projects.  Setting aside all the personal stuff that’s been going on, I am trying to find a schedule that doesn’t make me insane.  Well, more insane.