My first name is, in fact, Bethany.  I live in Norman, Oklahoma.  I’m going to OCCC in Oklahoma City and I work for a pizza place delivering pizza for a living.  I also currently have pink hair.

The Martian is an old family joke- my Dad used to joke that he was from Mars.  Joked so often, in fact, that my brother believed it wholly.  Mom got a call from school because during a class discussion on their parents were from, Nick stated that Mom was from Oklahoma and Daddy was from Mars.  When Nick got home, we couldn’t convince him that it was a joke, so we instead convinced him that it was a secret, and that when people asked he’s supposed to say Daddy’s from Ohio.

He still blushes if you mention this story.

This all led for me to call myself the Princess of Mars online.  But I really like my first name (I”m not sure how many people I’ve met who’ve ever said that) so I decided to start using it online as well, and so that’s when Bethany the Martian came about.