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I consider Mercedes Lackey kind of a guilty pleasure.  Her books aren’t great but they aren’t terrible, her characters are generally pretty upstanding (maybe a little too upstanding?  In an annoying way?) and her books tend to be really quick reads for me.  I don’t think they’re bad, but they’re a little one dimensional.

I know a few people who have referred to it as YA even though I’ve never seen it as marketed as YA because people associate depth and quality with adult books and lack thereof with YA.  Which is silly, some of my favorite authors are YA authors.  J.K. Rowling may have started off a novice, but Harry Potter ends with characters who have depth that you don’t always like, sometimes they make poor decisions and the stories have three dimensions.  Things don’t go well, and it doesn’t seem like things happen just for the sake of plot convenience.  The same is true for Libba Bray books- if you want kinda creepy books where the main characters are extremely well developed, you want to read A Great and Terrible Beauty and the sequels.

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